Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trowel and Trivet

I'm starting this blog as a record of my experimentation in the garden and in the kitchen. I invite you witness my triumphs and tribulations - and also my in between moments.
I'm a proponent of locally sourced food and believe that what you eat is so much more than 'calories in'. Eating something you've grown yourself just tastes better. Not only is it fresher than anything you could buy, but it is full of memory and effort. And nothing tastes better than effort.
I grew up helping my parents in their garden, but I haven't had the chance to do much on my own. Their garden was largely ornamental, and I do love ornamentals, but I'm hoping to branch out into more edibles. This year I'm working on starting plants from seed and I have several beds already prepared. They are in partial shade, so I'd like to use them for herbs and flowers. I'm hoping to put in raised beds for vegetables behind the house. They'll get more sun and the raised beds should make it somewhat easier to keep the pesky rabbits and ground hogs out.
As for cooking, I enjoy it as both a creative outlet and a way to nourish my family and friends. Learning the basic principles of cooking was especially important for me and I'd like to be able to document what I've already learned, as well as what I'm still learning.
I know there are a million gardening and cooking blogs out there, but I'm creating my own because I'd like to explore self expression too. I often feel that I can't articulate my thoughts. I hope a public forum like this can help me express myself and find my voice. That may be a bit cliche, but it is honest to my intentions. Hopefully, the more I write, the less I'll need to rely on cliches.
So what can you expect from me? You can expect principles of cooking, recipe ideas and updates on the progress of my garden, as well as some good old philosophizing. Hopefully, you can also expect to find something that will make you chuckle or that will inspire you try something new or that will cause you to pause and wonder why.

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